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Parenting Through Difficult Times – The Less Stressed Parent

Parenting Through Difficult Times

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Welcome to The Less Stressed Parent, designed to make parenting that bit more manageable and enjoyable, and helping you build strong, loving and trusting relationships with your child. My name is Kim McCabe, Founder Director of Rites for Girls CIC and author of ‘From Daughter to Woman, Parenting Girls Safely Through Their Teens’ and I specialise in empowering people to do their best parenting even in times of difficulty.
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Course Content

Module 1: Grow Your Parenting Confidence in Just Six Weeks
Module 2: Parent-Child-Balance - the way to your best parenting
Module 3: You're The Expert - Tapping Into What You Already Know
Module 4: Your Firm Foundation and Guiding Star
Module 5: Children and Parents Working Together
Module 6: A Map For the Way Ahead